Road Trip: Destination Loire Valley

Road Trip:  Destination Loire Valley

Chambord - Considered the most magnificent Loire château

Chambord - Considered the most magnificent Loire château

One of the best things about the Languedoc is our centralized location and ease of road trips.  Within a few short hours you can visit the magnificent Loire Valley with her rich landscape and romantic chateaux.  The area has been touched by many historical figures from Richard the Lionheart to Joan of Arc and Leonardo da Vinci.  

During the hundred years war between the French and the English, the Loire valley was a war-zone with spies everywhere.  Castles were specifically built in strategic locations to keep an eye on “the enemy”.  Many castles were transformed into fortresses, and later in the mid-15th century when peace came, they were remodeled as pleasure palaces for the aristocracy.  Each chateau whispers her story to you as you walk through her hallways and rooms. 

If you love beautiful gardens, amazing architecture, historical re-enactments, or fantastic lightshows, the Loire is a wonderful place to visit.  There are more than 100 chateaux that are open to the public, and it almost seems that around each corner another magical chateau appears.

To find out more about these castles visit the following links:

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Château de Langeais:

Get ready for some stunning flyover views along the Loire River with this video by World From Above HD:


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