The Quick Guide to Cycling in Haut Languedoc France

The Quick Guide to Cycling in Haut Languedoc France

Are you a cycling enthusiast?  Imagine cycling along a 76 km former railroad track converted into a greenway that meanders past lovely villages such as Olargues providing ample opportunities for picnics beside cascading waterfalls and soaring mountains.  

The Greenway of Haut-Languedoc also called the Voie Verte is located on the old Mazamet-Bédarieux railway line.  It is about 76 kilometers long and it offers a protected area for cyclists and joggers.  It is a mostly level path that you can pick up at either end in Mazamet or Bedarieux or at many of the villages along the way.  

This greenway is dedicated to non-motorized travel: pedestrians, cyclists, and riders. However, it is not good for rollerblades or the thin tires of road bikes. In addition, electric wheelchairs for people with reduced mobility are welcome and a tolerance is given to electric-assisted bicycles (EVA).

Along the way you can see some interesting sites including:

Museum of Catharism in Mazamet - km 0

Castle of Sauveterre - km 17

Textile Museum in Labastide-Rouairoux - km 25

Speleology museum in Courniou-les-Grottes- km 33

Prehistoric Museum of Saint Pons de Thomières - km 39

Getting excited yet?  Check out this video of some great sites you will see along the way. 

Whew!!  That's already a long way!  Ready for a break?  Maison des Rêves is conveniently located at the halfway point just off the path, and will be delighted to welcome you after a long day of cycling.

Now let's continue on with the sites:

Olargues  - one of the most beautiful villages in France - km 55

Gorges d'Heric  - km 59

Square tower in Colombières sur Orb -  km 63

St Pierre de Rhedes, Romanesque priory - km 70

Tantajo Peak in Bédarieux - km 76

For most people a 76 km bike ride is a stretch goal.  But how can you resist stopping along the way to enjoy the sights?  Check out this next video of how much fun can be had.

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