This highly personalized nude photography workshop with Renée Jacobs will focus on developing your skills photographing the female nude.  Schedule a private workshop today.

Why take a nudes photography workshop from Renée Jacobs?

Learn how to see women from a woman. Learn how to work with models by listening to their desires and fantasies. Why are we different? There are many, many nudes photo workshops out there. What distinguishes us is our core belief that women are not objects, nor de-sexualized headless bodyscapes. Women are flesh, blood, passion, sensuality and power. Every woman we've ever photographed has a profound world view and our duty as photographers is to reveal that and enhance it, not to hide it or dismiss it. 

Women are flesh, blood, passion, sensuality and power.

Women are flesh, blood, passion, sensuality and power.

Why is this nudes photo workshop unique?

Many nudes workshops resemble assembly line cattle calls. Photographers shooting over each other trying to flag a model's attention is no way to get a beautiful photograph. Renée believes in the intense connection between model and photographer, so she keeps her workshops small. Each photographer has quality time with Renée and the models.

These intimate nudes photography workshops are from 1-3 students so you will receive the highest caliber of instruction without struggling to work around other students or fighting for limited model time. You will begin with a portfolio review and then receive individualized instruction and feedback to monitor your progress. Expect to receive meaningful instruction on everything from effectively collaborating with a nude model(s) to composition and lighting in exquisite indoor and exterior environments. 

Maison des Rêves is a photographer's dream, located in a small typical French hamlet - stone walls, exposed beams, unobstructed mountain views, en-suite bedrooms and a private backyard with heated swimming pool.  Once you have arrived all the details are taken care of. Each student can have a private bedroom with bathroom.  Meals with wine are included. Expect to receive extended one-on-one shooting time with some of Renée's favorite hand-picked models.

What is so special about Maison des Rêves?

Our house is a magnificent location in a truly authentic French village. We are right on a river, walking distance to a waterfall, surrounded by soaring mountains, rushing rivers and gorgeous gorges! We've hand-picked locations to maximize your experience. You'll drink magnificent wine and share the ambiance of our house in the heated pool at night under the stars. Shoot in wrought iron canopy beds and wake up to the sounds of the river.


I made some incredible fine art nude images in France with world-famous photographer Renée Jacobs. She’s an amazing teacher, with great talent, connections, access to stunning locations...I can not recommend it enough.
— R.S.

I am absolutely thrilled with the days I spent at Maison des Rêves, Renée and Wendy are fantastic hosts and the place is wonderful. The locations were spectacular, the models were amazing and most importantly, Renée, in addition to being a fabulous photographer, is a thoughtful and insightful mentor.
My time there was all I could have hoped for and I recommend it highly both for a great trip as well as an opportunity to improve photographic skills (and get some gorgeous photos). I will definitely be back.
— RB

If you are considering a workshop or a private week with Renée and Wendy, I say go for it. It is worth your time and energy as well as the investment. If you are ready to really dive in to what is going to make your work stand out and be seen, this is the workshop and the time you need in order to do that. The personal 1:1 I received for my individual time with Renée Jacobs was invaluable. The conversations and communication were exactly what I needed to take my photography to another level. The accommodations where simply lovely and welcoming. Although I was there to dig in and work, I definitely had personal time to relax and take in the gorgeous scenery.
— ML

Wonderful stay at Maison des Rêves with Renée and Wendy. An abundance of interesting and beautiful shooting locations. Experienced, friendly and professional models. Renée’s expert soft-touch instruction encourages you to develop your personal aesthetic while nudging you to continuously improve and experiment. Her own work is inspirational. A rare opportunity to learn from a master. Highly recommended!


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Check out this behind-the-scenes video our  Nude Photography Workshop in Tuscany with Renée Jacobs